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What Results Can You Expect From Juvederm?

Are you frustrated that your face is betraying your age? Have you tried just about every anti-aging serum and cream on the market without achieving any results? If so, there is a good chance you can benefit from Juvederm injections at Doctors Med Spa in Little Rock, AR. Today, we’re exploring the benefits of this effective, durable treatment, including the results you can expect from it. Let’s get started.

What Results Can You Expect From Juvederm?

One thing that makes Juvederm so special is that each formula in this versatile line of products is carefully crafted to be exceptionally effective in a different region of the face. Instead of a one-size-fits-all formula that is moderately effective across your face, your treatment plan can be tailored precisely to your needs. Each formula provides its own benefits, but you can expect significant volumization regardless of the formula you choose.

What Results To Expect From the Original Formula

The original Juvederm formula, as well as Vollure, can be used to erase smile lines caused by significant volume loss. Smile lines are lines that form around your nose and mouth and may be caused by overactive muscles or a lack of hyaluronic acid (HA), collagen, and elastin in the area. It is very important that you come in for an initial consultation to determine whether this injectable is right for you.

If your smile lines are caused by overactive muscles, they need to be treated with an injectable muscle relaxant. It is important to understand that hyaluronic acid injections can only be used to treat volume loss-related cosmetic concerns. You should also be aware that injectable muscle relaxants and hyaluronic acid injections can be administered during the same appointment if you have two types of lines and wrinkles in an area of concern.

What Results To Expect From Voluma

Voluma is one of the most popular Juvederm formulas for a number of reasons. For example, people love it because it enhances the appearance of their midface by:

  • Eliminating jowls
  • Lifting sagging cheek skin
  • Tightening loose cheek skin
  • Restoring volume to the apple of the cheek
  • Recontouring the cheek above the cheekbone

Another reason it is so popular is that the hyaluronic acid in the formula is more robust than the hyaluronic acid in other formulas. This means that the results will be even more dramatic and last significantly longer. The results of Voluma injections also last longer because of the unique way the HA molecules are cross-linked during the manufacturing process.

What Results To Expect From Volbella

The cheeks tend to be one of the first regions of the face to reveal the signs of aging. However, it is not uncommon for the appearance of your lips to change as well. Whether you have recently noticed thinning lips or you’ve been frustrated by asymmetrical lips your entire life, you may be a good candidate for Volbella injections if you want to plump up your pout.

Volbella injections can be used to volumize the lips, improving the shape, size, and symmetry of the lips. It can also be injected around the lips, erasing mouth lines and wrinkles. However, you should understand that you may be a better candidate for Ultra injections than Volbella injections depending on your unique aesthetic goals. Ultra can also be administered into the lips or mouth to rejuvenate the appearance of the lower face.

How Long Will My Results Last?

You can generally expect your ideal results to last for six months to two years. Volbella results tend to fade a little faster than the results of other formulas because the lips are so active throughout the day. Also, the final results fade faster because the hyaluronic acid molecules in the formula are smaller than the HA molecules used in other formulas. Typically, Volbella results last between six and 18 months. Voluma results usually last for two years.

What Can I Do To Make My Results Last Longer?

One of the most important steps you can take to help your results last as long as possible is to stay hydrated. When you’re not adequately hydrated, your skin can’t produce collagen, elastin, or hyaluronic acid efficiently. Also, the existing supportive structures found in the foundational layer of your skin start to weaken.

This results in sagging skin, wrinkles, and other visible signs of aging. For optimal hydration, make sure you drink at least half a gallon of water and tea per day. If your urine is still dark after drinking half a gallon of fluids daily, consider increasing your intake of fluids. If you feel like you can’t, eat more foods that are rich in water.

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Hyaluronic acid injections can treat a wide range of concerns. For example, Voluma injections can help you erase your jowls, lift and tighten your cheeks, and restore volume to the apple of your cheeks. Volbella and Ultra can be used to enhance the lips and mouth. The original formula can be used to erase smile lines. Contact us today at Doctors Med Spa in Little Rock, AR to schedule an appointment and learn more about this effective dermal filler.