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What Is Kybella Used for?

Kybella is an injectable fat removal treatment that was approved by the FDA on April 29, 2015 for the elimination of subcutaneous fat. At Doctors Med Spa in Little Rock, AR, we offer this treatment to help our clients improve their self-confidence. Today, we’re exploring what this injectable is used for, what to expect during the treatment session, and much more.

What Is Kybella Used for?

Kybella is used to eliminate subcutaneous fat from the submental region. In some cases, it is only injected into the double chin area beneath the jawline. In other cases, it is injected into the chin and neck. This prescription medication can effectively eliminate fat from just beneath the surface of your skin thanks to its active ingredient, synthetic deoxycholic acid.

This synthetic acid functions in the same manner as the deoxycholic acid produced by your gut. It destroys the fat cells’ exterior walls. When these walls are destroyed, the cells die and release the fat they were storing. Once the fat cells are dead, your body’s cleaning system identifies them, sweeps them up, processes them, and flushes them out.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

Most people only need two to four injection sessions spaced roughly one month apart to achieve their desired profile. Only one injection session will be required if you have a mild case of excess fat, your submental fullness is caused by poor posture or bad genes, or you have age-related submental fullness.

However, you may require five or six injection sessions if you have a lot of excess fat in your neck and chin. Only during an initial consultation can we advise you on how many treatment sessions you will need to schedule.

How Quickly Does This Treatment Work?

This treatment works very quickly. However, it will take a while for your results to become apparent. Most people start to notice their results 14 days after their first injection session, but it can take four to six weeks for your body’s cleaning system to eliminate all of the destroyed fat cells. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to see your final results until roughly one month after your final treatment session.

Is This Treatment Painful?

No, this treatment is not painful at all. In fact, it isn’t even uncomfortable. We administer this prescription medication with a tiny needle, so you will feel nothing but a little pressure during your session. If you’re worried about feeling the medication being administered, let us know during your initial consultation. We will gladly apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment areas prior to your injections. The numbing cream will ensure you feel nothing.

Will I Have to Take Time Off From Work?

There is no reason why you would need to take time off from work to get your deoxycholic acid injections. There is no downtime required following this treatment, there is no recovery period, and the treatment is extremely quick. The injections themselves only take five to eight minutes to administer depending on how many shots you need.

The entire treatment process usually takes around 15 minutes. However, it can take up to 30 minutes if you opt for a topical numbing medication. It doesn’t take long to apply the medication, but it does take a little while for the cream to take full effect. Kybella treatments only take longer than half an hour if they are combined with other aesthetic services.

How Many Shots Will I Need?

How many injections you will need depends on the severity of your submental fullness and the scope of the treatment. If you are treating your chin and neck, you may need four or five vials of medication. On the other hand, you may only need one or two vials of medication if you are only concerned about your chin. People receive 10 shots per vial, so you can expect to need around 25 to 30 shots (2.5 to 3 vials) if you have moderate submental fullness.

Am I a Good Candidate for Injectable Fat Removal Treatments?

To find out whether you qualify for injectable fat removal treatments, you need to come in for an initial consultation. Usually, anyone with excess submental fat who is at least 18 years old qualifies, but it is crucial that we review your medical history before we make a determination.

As a general rule, this treatment is appropriate for people in good health. However, you will be considered a poor candidate for this treatment if you have nursed your baby in the past six weeks or are pregnant. Also, it is important to wait at least two weeks after an illness to get this treatment.

Learn More About This Injectable Fat Removal Treatment Today

Kybella is an injectable fat removal treatment used to destroy chin and neck fat cells located just beneath the skin. It works thanks to a synthetic acid that functions just like your gut’s acid, breaking down fat cells so your body can flush them out. To find out whether this treatment is right for you, contact us today at Doctors Med Spa in Little Rock, AR to schedule your initial consultation. We can’t wait to help you sculpt your ideal profile.