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Fat Removal with CoolSculpting

The past decade has brought many new innovative body treatments, but the most efficient and effective for focused fat removal for millions of people worldwide is CoolSculpting®. CoolSculpting® is the latest technology in removing fat from areas that dieting and exercise don’t reach.

Who Would Benefit from CoolSculpting®?

Fat removal is a problem that up until now could not be addressed without surgery or injections. Whether the fat pockets have built up because of age or they simply are not reducing with a program of dieting and exercise, CoolSculpting® offers state-of-the-art technology with no surgery and no downtime.

What Is the CoolSculpting® Treatment?

CoolSculpting® works equally well for men or women even though excess fat cells accumulate in different areas. The treatment is performed with a handheld tool, which a member of our team applies to the skin according to the area that is being treated.

The most common areas for treatment are the abdomen, love handles, back, upper arms, inner and outer legs, and under the chin. The CoolSculpting® tool freezes and crystallizes the fat cells.

After a CoolSculpting® Fat Removal Treatment

When the session is over, many people go back to their regular activities while many go right back to work with little to no discomfort. Occasionally, redness may appear on the skin’s surface, but this disappears in a few days. Immediately, and with no surgery, the body begins to eliminate the frozen and crushed fat cells by washing them out of the system.

After the elimination period, our doctors recommend maintaining a healthy and nutritious eating plan as well as regular exercise to maintain a healthy system. CoolSculpting® fat removal is not for everyone, but it has helped millions around the world remove stubborn fat deposits and enjoy a more contoured physique.

For more information on CoolSculpting® at Doctors MedSpa in Little Rock, AR and how this incredibly innovative procedure can be available to you, simply contact us today to schedule your consultation! We’ll help you with fat removal to exquisitely sculpt your form!