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What is Dysport used for?

Frown lines between your eyebrows develop over time due to repetitive movements of muscles on the face, age, or overexposing your skin to sun rays, which cause skin damage. You no longer need to live with those annoying lines. At Doctors Med Spa in Little Rock, AR, we have Dysport, a safe and long-lasting solution that gets rid of these lines resulting in smooth skin.

What Is Dysport Used for?

Dysport contains botulinum toxin, which is injected directly at the base of your skin to remove glabellar lines by paralyzing the muscles responsible for the lines, hence keeping them from forming. The treatment is non-invasive and brings about soft skin. Regardless of whether the lines are moderate or extreme, the therapy gives you a fantastic, natural look.

How Long Can I Anticipate Treatment Outcomes to Last?

After this treatment, all the muscles around the targeted injection area relax, bringing about smooth skin. The treatment results become apparent after about two days and last for a quarter of a year to a half a year, after which you should return for follow-up treatment sessions.

How Should I Prepare for the Treatment Session?

Before you can begin treatment, you have to talk with your primary care physician about any medicine you are taking as specific medications may impact the treatment result. Your primary care physician should know about your medical history, which you will be expected to reveal during the first consultation.

There is the specific medication that you need to avoid for a couple of weeks before treatment, which includes:

  • Blood thinners
  • Muscle relaxers
  • Allergy medication

What Should I Expect During Treatment?

During the treatment session, the specialist uses an anesthetic to numb the area to guarantee you feel no pain. Afterward, the neuromodulator is injected into the targeted site’s muscles, which might be the eyebrows or forehead. The specialist will also give you after-treatment guidelines.

What Happens After Treatment?

After Dysport Little Rock, you are free to return home. Fortunately, you experience no downtime. However, it would be best if you tried not to rub the injection site as it will prompt the treatment to spread out, which will negatively impact your results. We also suggest relaxing for a few hours before you can get into any physically taxing activities.

Do I Qualify for the Treatment?

After a consultation, your doctor will decide whether you qualify for Dysport Little Rock. However, those who are younger than 65 can seek out this treatment. In case you are allergic to milk protein, botulinum toxin, or have an infection in the targeted area, we recommend avoiding the treatment.

What Benefits Are Derived From the Treatment?

1. The Treatment Has No Downtime

We suggest getting some rest a couple of hours after the treatment. However, this treatment has no downtime, and you can continue with your daily commitments. Results become evident after two to three days with periodic touch-up appointments to prevent frown lines from reappearing because outcomes wear out after a few months.

2. Short Treatment Sessions

You can expect to spend anywhere between a few minutes to an hour at the clinic. The treatment offers convenience due to the short duration spent per session, which means you can plan your appointment in between your day. The sessions are spaced out to between three or four months.

3. It Is Minimally Invasive

The neuromodulator is injected into the skin to paralyze the muscles that cause glabellar lines to form. The nature in which the toxin is administered means you don’t have to worry about wounds or downtime. This treatment is painless, and there are zero risks of infections.

4. You Get Wrinkle-less Skin

This treatment contains botulinum toxin, an active ingredient, which hinders muscle action. The toxin keeps nerves from sending signals to the face muscles. The treatment loosens up the muscles that keep the face from forming frown lines or wrinkles whenever they move.

5. The Injection Evenly Spreads Across the Targeted Area

Once administered, the injection, which has a low protein concentration, is evenly spread across the focus area, thus resulting in a soft, beautiful, and natural look.

What Amount Can I Expect to Spend on Dysport Little Rock Treatment?

The treatment expense varies depending on the specialist managing the treatment and the number of injections you will require to accomplish your ideal outcomes. Additionally, the number of sessions you will be required to attend will determine the amount you will spend. Since this therapy is cosmetic, it is not covered by medical insurance.

How Safe Is This Treatment?

The treatment is FDA-approved and is considered safe. However, you should reveal conditions that may affect the treatment like muscle weakness, swelling in the treatment territory, breathing issue, diabetes, heart sicknesses, and if you have in the past used alternative botulinum poison injections like botox. You can expect minor swelling after treatment, which quickly subsides.

How Efficient Is This Treatment?

This treatment provides impressive outcomes. Many people have effectively used this treatment to get rid of glabellar lines and wrinkles. At least 80% of the individuals who resort to this treatment end up with soft, sans wrinkle skin. However, the results only last a few months, so follow-up sessions are required.

Get Smooth, Wrinkleless Skin

Restore your youthful, smooth skin by seeking out Dysport Little Rock treatment. Those frown lines no longer need to be a problem. Contact Doctors Med Spa in Little Rock, AR, today to book a consultation.