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Restore Your Youth in Little Rock with BOTOX

Do you often find yourself looking in the mirror and wishing you could have the same appearance you had in your youth? Unfortunately, there is no fountain of youth or magic cure that can instantly change our appearance and make us look like we did when we were teenagers. However, one simple and easy solution can help you to restore some of your youth. Little Rock residents are warmly invited to learn about the benefits of BOTOX® injections.

BOTOX® is a well known cosmetic treatment. It is also a medical treatment that has been able to help individuals address excessive sweating, migraines, and other problems. When referred to as a cosmetic treatment, individuals often think of it as a cure-all to every sign of the aging process. However, this treatment is designed to specifically address dynamic wrinkles.

What are Dynamic Wrinkles?

Many in Little Rock are surprised to learn that not all wrinkles that occur because of the aging process are the same. As you get older, you are likely to experience both dynamic and static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are a result of making facial expressions. Static wrinkles are mostly a result of losing facial volume. BOTOX® is used to address dynamic wrinkles.

Individuals who have crow’s feet, forehead lines, and other forms of dynamic wrinkles can benefit from this treatment. How do you know which type of wrinkles you have? Just look in the mirror and make a couple of different facial expressions. Do you see certain wrinkles that are directly a result of changing your facial expressions? If so, a couple of injections of BOTOX® into the pertinent muscles can quickly and easily make these wrinkles disappear.

Say Goodbye to Your Wrinkles

Most individuals see results a number of days after their injections are given in a 15-to-20-minute session. It takes a bit of time for the product to relax the facial muscles. The results are likely to last for about four months. After those four months have passed, the dynamic wrinkles will gradually return. When that happens, you can return to our office and have a touch up treatment performed.

You do not have to live with your wrinkles. We have a variety of options that are available to help individuals address the signs of aging as well as other concerns that they have about their appearance.

Set up a Consultation

The great thing about this treatment is that it can help any individuals to restore a bit of their youth. The best way for you to find out if you qualify for this treatment is to set up a consultation. You will be able to meet with one of our doctors who will examine the areas where you have dynamic wrinkles and then tell you about the results that you can get with this treatment. For more information on what BOTOX® may be able to do for you, we invite you to reach out and make an appointment with Doctors MedSpa! At our convenient location in Little Rock, our team of professionals will be happy to explain the process in full and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation!