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How Long Does CoolSculpting Take?

CoolSculpting, sometimes referred to as cryolipolysis, is a safe, effective fat removal treatment offered at Doctors Med Spa in Little Rock, AR. Unlike liposuction, it provides results without surgery, making it safer and more accessible. Furthermore, there is no need to commit several days or weeks to recovery time. To help you decide if this treatment is right for you, read on to learn more about this treatment, including how long it takes.

How Long Does CoolSculpting Take?

You can generally expect your CoolSculpting session to take between 15 and 60 minutes to complete. Typically, it takes between 15 and 20 minutes to treat a single area. However, it is not uncommon for people to target multiple areas in the same treatment session. Sometimes, sessions take an hour to complete. We will give you a better idea of how long you can expect your session to take during your initial consultation.

How Quickly Will I See My Results?

You can expect to see your results four to six weeks after your treatment session is complete. If you only need one session to achieve your desired contours, you should be able to see your desired results in under two months. If you need more than one treatment session, then it will be several months before you are fully satisfied with your results.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

This highly innovative treatment can be used to remove excess fat from just about anywhere. It is most commonly used to target large areas, like the abdomen, chest, back, buttocks, and thighs. However, it can also be used to target the underarms and other small areas that have stubborn excess fat.

Am I a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

You must attend an initial evaluation with an aesthetic expert to verify your CoolSculpting candidacy. If you’re at or near your goal weight, there is a good chance this treatment will be deemed a good fit for you. If you are obese, you will be considered a poor fit for this treatment. The greater your body mass is, the more likely it is that you have too much excess fat in your areas of concern.

The more excess fat you have in your areas of concern, the more likely it is that you will not find this treatment effective. Furthermore, this treatment is not appropriate for individuals who are underweight or individuals who are at a healthy weight but are concerned about areas with very little excess subcutaneous fat. Evaluating the efficacy of this treatment is one reason why it is so important to sit down for a consultation before deciding whether this treatment is a good fit for you.

Who Is a Poor Candidate for This Treatment?

You will be considered a poor fit for this treatment if you suffer from a medical condition that makes you extremely sensitive to the cold, like Raynaud’s disease. Out of an abundance of caution, you will also be advised against treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The FDA has not approved this treatment for such women. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your health thoroughly to verify that this treatment will be safe for you.

We will also verify this treatment is safe for you by discussing all of the preparation and post-treatment care guidelines with you. While there is much less preparation and aftercare required due to the non-invasive nature of this treatment, it is important that you follow all rules exactly.

What Will I Need To Do To Prepare for My Treatment?

One of the most important preparation steps you must take in advance of your treatment session is to minimize UV exposure. If you get a sunburn in the treatment area, it will need to be rescheduled. In addition to doing your best to stay out of the sunlight between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, you should wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily and reapply it every four hours.

There should be a minimum sun protection factor of 35 to 55 depending on your family medical history and skin type. It is also extremely important that you stop taking certain medications for several days prior to your treatment. Other steps you should take include arriving at your appointment wearing loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to remove and being hydrated and well-nourished.

How Will I Need To Care for Myself After My Treatment?

Once your treatment session is complete, there is no downtime required. You are free to drive yourself back to work. However, there are some steps you will need to follow. For example, you should not consume alcohol or tobacco.

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CoolSculpting Little Rock sessions generally take between 15 and 20 minutes per treatment area depending on the size. If you are targeting multiple areas in a single session, your session may take around an hour to complete. The cryolipolysis device freezes the fat cells to death during the quick, painless session. However, it can take four to six weeks to see the results of the treatment. Schedule an appointment at Doctors Med Spa in Little Rock, AR now to learn more.