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Get Rid of Your Double Chin with Kybella

Kybella® is becoming extremely popular as a minimally-invasive technique for removing a double chin. Approved by the FDA in 2015, it has become a sound alternative to liposuction for the chin area. The treatment works through an injection that we administer under your chin to destroy fat cells using a natural substance produced by your own body. After the destruction of these fat cells, your body will flush them from your system.

What is Kybella®?

Kybella® was approved by the FDA as a non-surgical procedure involving the injection of a substance that destroys unwanted fat cells below your chin. It should not be considered a substitute for normal weight loss, but for the treatment of what we call a double chin, which is notorious for its resistance to regular diet and exercise.

Would You Make a Good Candidate?

As is the case with any procedure, you should consult with a professional to decide if Kybella® makes an appropriate treatment choice for you and your individual needs and goals. If you are an adult who is in good general health, and your skin is not too lax, you may make a good candidate for this treatment for the removal of stubborn fat found under your chin.

What to Expect

Undergoing a Kybella® treatment is a pretty simple process. Once we have decided that you would make a good candidate for the treatment, we can inject the solution into the treatment area.

Although Kybella® is an extremely safe and effective treatment, it still will take some time to perform the procedure and to see results. It wilal take some time for the full results to be realized as the body naturally gets rid of the fat cells.

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