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Contour Your Body via CoolSculpting in Little Rock

Sculpting your body these days does not have to be left to diet and exercise alone. While a healthy nutrient-dense diet and good exercise program are certainly important and may help you lose weight, they may not do enough to actually sculpt your body and tone your muscles. This is where body sculpting through cosmetic methods comes into play. Although there are many methods that are used around the country for cosmetic body sculpting, one of the best methods that provides the most obvious benefits is CoolSculpting® in Little Rock.

Our Little Rock clients love CoolSculpting® for numerous reasons. First, it is non-surgical and is a welcome relief from liposuction and other surgical methods that leave you with scars and possible side effects. Second, it is super quick, making it easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. A typical session for a single area of the body may take only 60 minutes and requires no downtime, meaning that you can go right back to work or home without any activity restrictions. Third, side effects are generally minimal and do not stop you from doing your favorite activities.

While the abdominal area is one of the most frequent spots that we treat, we can help you look even better than you could have imagined by also targeting other areas. You may find that your perfect treatment plan will include two or three areas to get the exact figure that you love.

During your CoolSculpting® treatment, you will initially feel the cold temperatures when we apply the device to your skin. However, within minutes, the areas should be numbed, and you should have no major discomfort. You will only feel the slight suction of the machine.

We typically recommend multiple CoolSculpting® treatments on each area of your body for the best results. While results will not show up immediately, you will gradually see a sculpting of your body within a month or two as your body gets rid of the frozen fat cells naturally.

If you are tired of how your body looks and are close to your goal weight, CoolSculpting® at Doctors MedSpa in Little Rock may be right for you. Contact us today to book a consultation.