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Breast Lift Indications Signs Little Rock

For many women, there are many different reasons for a breast lift. The breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery that can enhance sagging of the breast. Breast lifts offer a surgical solution for those looking to enhance and achieve their ideal beauty goals.

Many of those considering a breast lift are doing so because they are concerned about the look and feel of their breasts but aren’t sure why. Gaining an understanding of the indications for a breast lift is a good step and will help you communicate your goals to a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Gene Sloan.

During an evaluation, the doctor will look for indicators such as sagging breasts that have sagged forward because of postpartum shrinkage of milk glands or extreme weight loss. Nipple ptosis, where the nipples point downward after removal of breast implants or due to genetics, is also an indicator to undergo a breast lift.

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