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Breast Lift Post-Operative Recovery Little Rock

Every phase of a breast lift procedure is important, but the one step where the patient has the biggest influence is during the recovery. Breast lifts are a complex cosmetic procedure with a lot of variables that surgically enhances the look and feel of your breasts. The way you approach post-operative recovery and how closely you follow instructions are big parts of ensuring that results are successful.

After your breast lift, the surgeon will remove bandages and any attached drainage tubes within the first few days. Board-certified surgeon Dr. Gene Sloan will inspect your results and check the color and blood supply around the areola.

You’ll likely be prescribed medication for pain, and by the second or third week, your stitches will be removed. It is important that you abstain from heavy lifting of any kind and take care to avoid impacts to your chest. The breast will attain its final postoperative shape within 6 weeks to 6 months.

For more information about breast lift recovery, contact Dr. Sloan at his Little Rock office and set up a consultation.