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Breast Augmentation The Day of Your Procedure Little Rock

The day of your breast augmentation procedure is both an exciting and nerve-wracking day, but if you fill yourself in on the basic details, it will help.

Be sure to arrive at least one hour before your scheduled surgery time at the surgical facility where your procedure will be performed. You must arrange a ride home from the surgery center and and someone to remain with you the first night because you will have had a general anesthetic.

After your arrival, you will be escorted to a private room where you will change into a gown. And meet with the Dr. Sloan and his team. You’ll be given and overview of the surgical plan and a chance to ask any last minute questions. An IV will be started and sedation administered. You will be taken to the operating suite on a stretcher and sophisticated monitoring devices will be connected to you.

Typically, the procedure will last 40 minutes and you are under anesthesia for less than an hour. After, a small piece of tape is placed over each incision and you will be taken to the recovery room. A recovery room nurse will take care of you and remain with you at all times. Your stay in the recovery room will last perhaps another hour. You will then get dressed and be discharged.

Contact us for a consultation with Dr. Gene Sloan in our Little Rock offices, where he can walk you through more of the details of the procedure.