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Breast Lift Little Rock ARThere are a number of reasons for women to develop sagging breasts. It can occur following pregnancy, with or without breastfeeding. It can be due to the aging process, obesity, or menopause. Gravity always plays a role in the development of sagging breasts. Some women’s breasts will simply develop that way at a very young age.

The simplest way to think of the sagging breast is that there is too much skin for the amount of volume. That’s why the corrective procedures may involve reducing the amount of skin which results in scars, increasing the breast volume with an implant, or both.

There are several variations of breast anatomy that can be treated with a breast lift. Likewise there are a wide variety of techniques that can be used to accomplish a lift. Often breast implants are recommended to accomplish the goal and a very important decision is whether to place the implants at the same time as the lift or at a later operation. The ultimate goal is an attractively shaped, firmer, and more youthful looking breast.

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