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Breast Augmentation Overview

Doctor Sloan’s practice is limited to cosmetic surgery with special emphasis on breast augmentation. He has been in practice 19 years and has performed over 2,000 breast implant operations.

Recently we have been using the rapid recovery system developed by Dr. John Tebbetts. Nearly all our patients exhibit no bruising and their pain is controlled by non-narcotic analgesics. No bandages, drains, or special bras are used. Patients typically can shower, eat regular food, and leave the house the day of surgery. You may lift objects, drive, and resume normal activities within 48 hours of surgery even with implants beneath the muscle.

Doctor Sloan has experience with the many different options available in breast implant surgery. After informing you of the advantages and disadvantages of the different choices available, we will help you select from these options: incisions under the arm, under the breast, or around the nipple; smooth or textured implants; round or anatomic implants; low, medium, or high profile implants; implant location above or below the muscle; what size implant; and whether a lift is needed.


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